Site Directors are the most important people for successful clinical trials. Here’s why!

Successful clinical trials generally take an all-hands-on-deck approach, and it starts at the top with the Site Director. 


A lot of focus is placed on the medical staff, but without a competent and savvy Site Director, a clinical trial would be doomed from the start.

On top of the actual medical implementation of a clinical trial, the Site Director must focus on every aspect of the facility, including staffing, business operations, strategic communication, sales, and most importantly, patient recruitment.

Shortcomings in any of these areas could put a facility at a considerable disadvantage. A Site Director without business operations experience may take missteps when it comes to managing the facility’s budget and hiring. A Site Director without medical knowledge may fail to provide the clinical staff with the proper equipment to conduct a trial or mislead a sponsor about their site’s capabilities. A Site Director without communications skills could lead to oversights in staffing, scheduling, and patient recruitment.

On top of managing every aspect of the clinical trial facility, Site Directors are responsible for maintaining rapport with study Sponsors and ensuring that every requirement is followed to its exact specifications.

Pharma tends to analyze and assess physician credentials when contemplating which clinical trial facility to choose, whereas not as much time is spent on the Site Director. I believe that priority should be equally weighted.

At Headlands Research, we understand the importance of having Site Directors with a multi-faceted skillset. Our sites have hired and retained some of most capable, knowledgeable, and versatile Site Directors in the industry. Headlands Research Site Directors meet monthly and are empowered to make the most of their available resources, including the business development team, which helps sites identify the best trial opportunities.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a robust network of clinical trial facilities is the collaboration that occurs between site leadership. Even though each site acts independently, everyone understands that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. If a relatively new Site Director is struggling with the organizational demands of operating their facility, other established Site Directors are there to offer guidance and training.

That empowerment is why each of our 15 sites has been able to successfully help Headlands Research achieve its mission of profoundly improving the clinical trials process.

It’s also why we have built such great relationships with study Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), who frequently return to our sites for more trials. Our industry partners know Headlands will start studies quickly, enroll efficiently, and collect data of the highest integrity.

Qualified and proven Site Directors improve the process of bringing various medical treatments to market. This role is critical to helping people across the world achieve health outcomes they may have never thought were possible.