Clinical Trials Day


In honor of Clinical Trials Day, our sites answered the question “What inspired you to work in clinical research?”

Check out some of their responses!

Headlands Research Detroit

"I'm passionate about clinical research because I am helping to advance healthcare." - Patrick Keating, Site Director

Artemis Institute for Clinical Research

"I'm passionate about providing good, clean data that advances science." - Dr. Sharon Bryant, Psychometrician

Clinvest Research

“As a nurse, I have seen too many people suffer from a lack of options. I am passionate about being a small part of the field that is moving towards providing solutions.” - Brittni Kendrick, RN, CCRC, Clinical Research Coordinator

Okanagan Clinical Trials

"I am passionate about clinical trials because they are the cutting edge of research!" - Ethan Klukas, CRC

"I'm passionate about clinical trials because it's exciting to play a small part in science and discovery!" - Mel Rostamabadi, Lead Regulatory Specialist and HR Coordinator

Headlands Research Orlando

"I want to be part of finding a cure!" - Rhonda Herring, Research Associate

"Hope for families." - Jen Thompson, Site Director

"To be a part of research where I can help patients around the world with my contribution, and beginning the process of healing." - Maria (Sharon) Rivera, CRC

JEM Research Institute

"I'm passionate about clinical trials because of their contribution to scientific knowledge and improvement of quality of life." - Ximena Levy, Site Director

Peninsula Research Associates

"Together, we can change the world!" - the Peninsula Research Associates team

Headlands Research

"Having the opportunity to make a difference in an industry that pushes the world forward!" - McKenzie Lang, Director of Business Development