2024 SCRS IncluDE Site Solutions Summit

Headlands Research is the Registration sponsor at the 2024 SCRS IncluDE Site Solutions Summit and our team is looking forward to conversations on equitable clinical research!

Don't miss the panel presentation, "Solutions Studio: Craft Your Site’s DEI Strategy," featuring Dr. Christopher Romero, our Chief Medical Officer, on April 8th at 2:45 pm, for a step-by-step guide and template to jumpstart your site-level diversity planning. Learn where to begin, what crucial elements to include, and gain clarity on the overall structure. The expert panelists will guide you through the process of creating both short and long-term strategic blueprints, equipping you with practical tools to implement immediately at your site.

Are you ready to discuss how to implement your DEI Strategy or how the Headlands Research network of clinical trial sites can recruit, enroll, and retain a diverse, representative participant population for your upcoming clinical research? Schedule a time to chat with one of our experts during the event: