APA 2024 Annual Meeting

Mental health is one of our four core competencies, and we are looking forward to connecting with other industry experts at the APA 2024 Annual Meeting in New York City.

Join the session, "Integrative Treatment of Anxiety Disorders," on Monday, May 6th, from 8am - 12pm, featuring Hinda Dubin, Psychiatrist and Investigator at Pharmasite Research, a Headlands Research site. During the course, the presenters will distinguish anxiety disorders from one another and primary mood disorders, and discuss the benefits and limitations of medications, types of psychotherapy, and the indications for each.

Are you ready to learn about our clinical trial site network’s decades of experience with mental health trials and recruiting, enrolling, and retaining inclusive, diverse populations? Schedule a time to connect with our Director of Business Development, Tori Wallenburg, at the event.