CRO & Sponsors


Headlands Research is a fully-owned platform of the highest quality clinical research centers across the United States and Canada.

We focus on ease of study start-up, delivery of the highest quality data, specialty/diverse patient access and expert patient retention for our CRO and Sponsor partners.
  • All 15 Headlands Research sites are fully-owned
  • Embedded and dedicated site models allow maximum subject access
  • 350+ expert clinical research professionals spanning across the United States (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon, Texas) and Canada (Kelowna, British Columbia & Toronto, Ontario).
  • 5,000+ completed Phase I – IV studies
  • Centralized operations to ensure consistency and performance
  • One point of contact for multiple high quality sites
  • Referral and EHR access through proprietary partnerships with large multi-specialty practices
  • Priority focus on quality data, expedited study start-up and patient retention
  • Centralized management and services team allows for a single point of contact during the feasibility, budgeting/contacting, start-up, etc. on your study
  • Engaged KOLs and specialists for protocol review and feasibility input
  • ICH GCP trained clinical staff
  • Sites are entirely electronic (eSource, eRegulatory, etc.) which provides our Sponsors/CROs with real-time access to study data

Delivery of the highest quality data

Patient access
  • Site and physician partnership databases
  • Unique access to diverse and specialty populations
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • African American
    • Elderly (over 65+ years old)
    • Pediatric and adolescent (under 18 years old)
    • Large database(s) of healthy volunteers
  • Clinical research centers located in large metropolitan areas with access to millions of potential patients


Choosing the correct sites is crucial to the success of your trial. Headlands Research sites are committed to efficient study start up, expedited enrollment and production of the highest quality data - all with the ease of a single point of contact. Please consider Headlands Research for your next trial:

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